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By Peter Johnson September 27, 2011

Mistake number one: Agreeing to be interviewed by Dope magazine. Mistake number two: Not anticipating the obvious question.

Dope is Seattle's newest and most highly regarded periodical—you might have seen the free copies that were distributed at Hempfest. As you might guess from the title and my subtle quip, Dope is intended to be a local High Times.

Dope's first news feature is an interview with Mayor Mike McGinn. (In an unfortunate bit of design, he's also the cover boy.)

The interview focuses mostly on McGinn's medical marijuana positions, but it also strays into more personal territory:
Dope: Have you ever smoked or tried marijuana? And I've got to ask the burning question did you (laughter) inhale?`
McGinn: You know you are the first person to ever ask me that in my political career. Um, [long pause] you know, um, [pause] ...of course, if every politician that ever tried marijuana voted to legalize it, it would be legal.
Dope: Care to embellish on your usage/experience?
McGinn: No, not something I really want to talk about... with the expectation my oldest will be reading this article (laughter).

McGinn was clearly blindsided by question. I can hardly blame him—after all, who would expect a magazine named Dope to ask if an official if he's inhaled?
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