PubliCalender Picks: SuttonBeresCuller at On the Boards

By Josh Feit September 15, 2011

"To Be Determined," by SuttonBeresCuller, at On the Boards, opens tonight at 7pm. $15, goes through Sunday.

The last time I wrote about Seattle's band of eccentric art yeomen, SuttonBeresCuller, they were shape shifting an abandoned house on Capitol Hill.

This time, they're back in the art gallery. But just like the commission at the abandoned house, they've been given the run of the place.

The place being Queen Anne's classy art space: On the Boards.

It's hard to guess what the place will look like now that SBC has redesigned it and, evidently, booked it with acts, but here's what OtB says:
Seattle's leading art collective spent the last 2 months transforming OtB’s building from a recognizably respectable institution to a delightfully convoluted artistic tangle with unconventional surprise performances at every turn. Come grab a drink, wander the "new" On the Boards and be charmed by the boundless creativity and detailed craftsmanship of SuttonBeresCuller.

And SBC has leaked a few pictures.


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