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Costco Puts in Another $1.4 Million

By Morning Fizz September 14, 2011

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1. Costco put another $1.4 million into I-1183, the liquor privatization measure, this month. They contributed  $820,000 on Septemober 9 and $600,000 on September 2. Costco's total cash and in kind contributions so far are now $3.9 million, or more than 96 percent of the $4 million total raised by Yes on 1183.

Safeway has contributed $50,000 and Trader Joe's has contributed $50,000.

Meanwhile, with a $1 million contribution on September 1, the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America have now contributed $4 million to the 'No' effort.

The 'No' campaign, which is also being funded by  $215,000 from the United Food and Commercial Workers union (which represents state liquor store workers) is ahead in fundraising, with $5 million.

2. The has been reporting on Washington State Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna's fast "burn rate"—that is, despite keeping pace with his Democratic rival US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) in fundraising, he's spending his money faster. The PI noted that by July, for example, McKenna spent twice as much on consultants as Inslee, $24,000 to $12,000.[pullquote]But in August, McKenna only outspent Inslee on consulting by $4,000—$28,000 to $24,000.[/pullquote]

However, that difference looks like it's about to change. Inslee spent $24,000 on consulting in August, bringing his total consulting spend up to $36,400. That's still far behind McKenna's total spending on consulting—$53,000. But in August, McKenna only outspent Inslee on consulting by $4,000—$28,000 to $24,000.

Footnote on McKenna's expenditures: McKenna gave his daughter Madeleine McKenna a good summer job; Madeleine, the former student body president at UW (and a Democrat), is making $1,000 every two weeks.

Bigger deal footnote: Yesterday, we reported that big time Koch Bros. contributor Richard Gilliam has maxed out to McKenna.

 3. A side note to our report about Mayor Mike McGinn's 2013 fundraising yesterday: As we mentioned, McGinn is currently more than $13,000 in the red. For comparison, at this point in his first term, then-mayor Greg Nickels had $62,000 on hand. That's a net difference of $75,000 on hand.

4. Shortly after his backyard fundraiser---the one where he waxed eloquent about the business community leaders who "didn't want to give me money" during the last election "because I was taking on something that they believed in and were defending," the tunnel---we hear that McGinn started making calls to those very business leaders to hit them up for contributions. So much for his defiant statement that "I don't answer to them."

5. On Monday, the city council continued to debate a surprisingly contentious proposal to charge electric-car owners variable rates for charging their vehicles at city parking lots and garages. Last week, council members challenged council budget chair Jean Godden for her charging-station proposal, which would allow city departments to charge widely varying rates---from a low of $1.50 per "session" (basically, the amount of time it takes to charge a car) to a high of $7.50.

Staffers from the city's Office of Sustainability and the Environment said the range was necessary so that departments could recoup their costs for things like vandalism "I certainly see the rationale for flexibility, I just don't understand the need for that much" flexibility, energy committee chair Bruce Harrell said. "Nothing you have said has been [a] compelling [argument] for that kind of flexibility."
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