The Seattle Times reports today on initiative hawker Tim Eyman's latest crusade to ban red-light cameras across Washington State.

Eyman's supporters, Times reporter Emily Heffter reports, include "a 17-year-old in Longview who started a signature drive; a Whatcom Community College student who says a paper-server threatened his mother when she wouldn't reveal his whereabouts; a tea-party group in Monroe that took part in a rally last month featuring Eyman in a red-light-camera cardboard hat."

Proposals to ban red-light cameras are headed for votes in Bellingham, Longview, and Monroe, and camera opponents are collecting signatures in Wenatchee and Redmond.

Studies have consistently shown that red-light cameras save lives, reducing the number of drivers who run red lights dramatically.

Nevertheless, just last week, the Houston City Council voted 13-1 to shut down the city's red-light cameras, citing the results of a 2010 referendum calling for the removal of the cameras.