1. Sodexo, the controversial food services contractor (and bogeyman of the student left at the UW), catered an event for lefty US Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1), according to Inslee's federal campaign expenditures report. The $287.76 expenditure to the company's US headquarters in Maryland was paid on June 13, a couple of weeks before Inslee announced he was running for governor.

France-based Sodexo has been accused of labor and human rights abuses. Students at Western Washington University forced the administration to sever its $150 million dining services contract with Sodexo in May. Students at UW, many who have been arrested in sit-in protests against the company's presence on campus, are still urging their administration to end its contract with the food services company.

Most recently, a group of local unions, including the King County Labor Council, and elected leaders, including Seattle City Council member Nick Licata, signed a letter to new UW President Michael Young, asking the administration to cancel the Sodexo contract.

We have a message in to Inslee.

2. After City Council candidate Maurice Classen announced a batch of impressive endorsements yesterday from state Sen. Margarita Prentice (D-11, Renton), state Reps. Hans Dunshee (D-44, Snohomish) and Roger Goodman (D-45, Kirkland), and King County Council president Bob Ferguson, Classen's opponent, incumbent Jean Godden, scoffed to us: "Are any of them from Seattle?" What about Ferguson? "I think he lives in Shoreline." [pullquote]"Born in Seattle, live in Seattle, will be buried in Seattle." —Classen supporter, KC Council member Bob Ferguson.[/pullquote]

Wrong. "Born in Seattle, live in Seattle, will be buried in Seattle," District 1 KC Council member (and Democratic candidate for attorney general) Ferguson told Fizz last night. "We are walking our Maple Leaf neighborhood now with our twins. Great night," Ferguson told us.

3. We weren't able to make it out to a hearing in Kirkland on the proposed Metro cuts last month (we did attend last Monday's packed hearing in downtown Seattle), but from the way King County Metro GM Kevin Desmond described it yesterday, it sounds like the suburbs are less enthusiastic about saving Metro than Seattle residents. [pullquote]It sounds like the suburbs are less enthusiastic about saving Metro than Seattle residents.[/pullquote]

Desmond said that, in contrast to last week's downtown hearing (where 700 people turned out and 500 submitted comments that were overwhelmingly in favor of passing a temporary $20 fee to preserve bus service), the comments in Kirkland were "more of a mixed bag," with slightly more people supporting the fee than opposing it.

"It was a different kind of turnout in Kirkland, and we expect a different kind of turnout in Burien," where Metro will hold another hearing this week. That hearing, the final chance to weigh in publicly on the proposed cuts, will be on July 21 at 6 pm at Burien City Hall, 400 SW 152nd St.

4. Alarmed by the city council's decision to spend much of the city's rainy day fund to help shore up one of the worst budgets in city history, Mayor Mike McGinn rolled out a proposal last week that would require the city to contribute a portion (0.25 percent this year, 0.5 percent starting in 2013) of its general-fund to the rainy day account, which has dwindled from a high of about $30 million to around $10 million.

Yesterday, city budget office director Beth Goldberg laid out the details of the proposal, which would add about $1.9 million to the fund in 2012 and about $4 million every year after that.

The city, Goldberg said, should be "making contributions in an automatic, predictable way that makes it easier for all of us" to know that the fund will be there in tough economic times. However, she acknowledged that "in this first year, with our current budget situation, where we don't have more robust revenue growth this is going to be a challenge. Once we get there, it will be part of every year's budgeting and will be easier to maintain."

5. City Council candidate Dian Ferguson, who's running against incumbent Sally Clark, is holding a fundraiser at Queen Anne's Oskar's Kitchen tomorrow hosted by Seattle SuperSonics legend and Oskar's owner,  Shawn Kemp.

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