When Sauced broke the news that legendary barman Murray Stenson was leaving Zig Zag Café, “Zig Zag” became a trending item on Twitter, making the topic one of the 10 most talked about on the social media outlet—nationwide.

Nosh Pit hosted a fiery debate after a Capitol Hill Night Market vendor suggested that, compared to other cities, Seattle is tardy to the late-night game. One reader agreed—“going out on a Friday night is like stepping into 1998”—while others were quick to list the trends Seattle has teed up, like coffee, which apparently visitors find irresistibly strong. Little Bee author Chris Cleave told Culture Fiend that during one visit he downed eight cups in a day, prompting him to behave like a squirrel on crack. And just in time for summer, Wear What When tracked the unlikely emergence of Seattle bikini designs. Speaking of which, Sauced asked, Do bikini baristas make more per hour than fully clothed coffee makers? Just barely. But the tips are big.

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