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KOMO's Manufactured McGinn Outrage

By Erica C. Barnett May 18, 2011

KOMO TV News---last seen whining that Mayor Mike McGinn's latest hire, David Hiller, didn't want to do an on-camera interview about his new position ("The Problem Solvers had to dig deep to find some answers")---has a manufactured story up today about Hiller's supposed lack of qualifications for the job.

Their evidence? He didn't, as "his resume states," work for the Connecticut legislature for ten months. He was only there---wait for it---four months.

From this, KOMO concocts a scandal.
From first word of his hire last week, both Hiller and McGinn have talked about Hiller's transportation experience. McGinn said by hiring the Cascade Bicycle Club's former lobbyist, he's getting someone with a proven track record.

But it remains unclear whether anyone in the mayor's office did, in fact, check Hiller's resume qualifications prior to his hire date.

Here at PubliCola, we're more than willing to write about real personnel scandals. For example, we broke the news that former McGinn advisor Chris Bushnell had falsely claimed to have a Ph.D (he was also convicted of felony fraud for forging tens of thousands of dollars in money orders). However, a six-month discrepancy on a resume spanning nearly 20 years isn't exactly Watergate.

More importantly, Hiller has a straightforward explanation for the discrepancy: He spent six months working for the House Democratic Caucus in Hartford before becoming a legislative aide, a job he held for four months. His resume itself even makes that clear. But apparently, KOMO is too interested in riling up outrage about Hiller's supposed lack of qualifications to actually read the documents it cites as proof.
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