Billy Roch Debaste, a cameraman for KOMO News, is a member of a group supporting the recall of Mayor Mike McGinn and offered, on the Recall Mayor McGinn Facebook page, to use his KOMO connections to "get the word out" on KOMO Radio host Ken Schram's afternoon talk show. He also says he will hang up anti-McGinn posters "on Greenlake and Capital [sic] Hill," and offers the information that "people are working on" a petition to recall the mayor.

KOMO's station manager did not immediately return a call for comment on the station's policy regarding employees' participation in political campaigns. Incidentally, KOMO just did a story on the recall effort, saying that the group now "boasts nearly 500 members." (Actually, it's more than 600.)

Debaste, who joined the group last Friday, has several posts criticizing the mayor on the group's Facebook page. In one, he writes that losing candidate Joe Mallahan "would have been a far superior mayor. It's a shame that the alternative seattle media jumped on McGinn's 'activist' (obstructionist) platform and made made him into some kind of undeserving saint."

In another, he criticizes McGinn for hiring former Cascade Bicycle Coalition lobbyist David Hiller.

And in a third, he offers to use his KOMO influence to talk to Scrham about doing a piece on the group. "I work at Komo4, and might be able to pass along something to Ken Schram and see if we can get the word out on his show," he writes.

KOMO, of course, is the station that treated a minor discrepancy on Hiller's resume (he worked for the Connecticut House Democrats for six months and the state legislature for four, not at the state legislature for ten months) like Watergate, and showed up at McGinn's house late at night demanding to know why he hired Hiller for the mid-level staff position.
Debaste has not returned an email seeking comment on his online statements about the mayor.
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