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By Afternoon Jolt May 20, 2011

Today's Jolt in pictures: Juxtaposition of the Day.

Four pro-tunnel council members held a press conference today after the ruling by King County Judge Laura Gene Middaugh allowed a portion of the anti-tunnel referendum to go on the August primary ballot. The subdued council members said the vote wouldn't actually be a vote on the tunnel itself, but that the referendum would be a vote on "process"—foreshadowing the likely campaign strategy of the pro-tunnel side who want to portray the anti-tunnel campaign (and their foe Mayor Mike McGinn) as ditherers.

While they're technically right—the referendum is about whether the council needs to pass an ordinance to issue a notice to proceed on the tunnel—it seemed a bit tortured compared to the opponents' spin that the people were given the right today to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on the tunnel. In her statement from the bench, Judge Middaugh said the council had set up an end run around the voters.

Trying to explain

Meanwhile, the solo anti-tunnel council member, Mike O'Brien, usually the last kid picked for the dodgeball team, took up his usual position as an observer in the back of the room rather than up at the podium with his colleagues. This time though, to quote Bob Dylan ("the loser now will be later to win"), he was cold lampin'. O'Brien leaned against the wall at the back of the press conference—just taking it all in.

"It's a another Friday afternoon with an excuse to have beer," O'Brien told us referencing last Friday's positive court ruling for the anti-tunnel campaign.

Just Cold Lampin'

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