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Afternoon Fizz: Recall Mayor McGinn?

By Erica C. Barnett May 17, 2011

It's basically just a Facebook page at this point, but there's a nascent movement to recall Mayor McGinn, and it's coming from a leader of a neighborhood group in North Seattle---an ironic twist in McGinn's political trajectory, given that the mayor got his political start as head of the Greenwood Community Council.

Michael Cornell, head of the Greenlake Community Council, has started a group called Recall Mayor Mike McGinn that currently has 75 members. (The state constitution outlines the process for recalling elected officials, including mayors.) Cornell went on the Dori Monson show this afternoon to explain why he wants McGinn out of office. Like Monson's complaints about McGinn, Cornell's center on the mayor's supposed "war on cars"---specifically, the fact that he supports building bike lanes and hired former Cascade Bicycle Club lobbyist David Hiller to do transportation outreach and policy advice.

"His main goal in life is his radical agenda against cars---I call it the war on cars and people who need them," Cornell told Monson this afternoon. "The reality is that the majority of us need cars to live our lives," he added, telling Monson a story about his 75-year-old neighbor, who, he said, showed up at his door crying recently because she may have to "move to Renton or Bellevue" now that parking rates downtown have gone up a dollar in some areas.

Not sure the radical pro-car agenda has much traction in Seattle (Monson, as he noted today, doesn't even live here), but it's a bad sign when you're making enemies across the political spectrum (from Nick Licata to the Downtown Business Association) and your base is the same as it's always been.

It's also a bad sign for a Seattle dude like McGinn when Green Lake (not Pinehurst, mind you) is hating on your lefty agenda. In the 2009 election, McGinn won two out of three precincts in the Green Lake neighborhood.
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