1. Parking scofflaws have until June 30 to get right with the law at reduced cost under a special Seattle Municipal Court amnesty program. That's the good news.

The bad news is, if you don't pay up your unpaid tickets, your car could end up wearing one of these:

If you want to learn about how the new booting system---which will require drivers to remove the boots and return them themselves after paying off their unpaid fines---will work, head down to City Hall for the public safety committee meeting (or watch online) Wednesday morning at 9:00.

2. Speaking of scofflaws, council member Richard Conlin made a shocking admission recently in an interview with Walking in Seattle, the pedestrian-rights blog.

No, Conlin didn't sign a petition for the anti-tunnel referendum. His confession was that, on occasion, the goody-goody council president jaywalks.[pullquote]"If the coast is clear for a couple of blocks, I won’t wait," Conlin said.[/pullquote]

"If the coast is clear for a couple of blocks, I won’t wait," Conlin said. "Also, I hate being at crossings where the crosswalk doesn’t correlate with the green light unless you were there to push the button when the signal changed."

3. Longtime former Seattle City Council member Richard McIver, whose seat Mike O'Brien won when McIver retired in 2009 after first taking office in 1997, remains in the hospital after suffering two strokes in late April. McIver, friends say, is doing physical therapy after the strokes left him paralyzed on one side.

Our best wishes go out to him and his family.

4. When U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell commandeered a senate committee hearing on oil tax breaks earlier this month to talk about her pet issue—how unregulated oil market speculators were driving up the price at the pump—she may have sounded like a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

That was then. Now USA Today is going with the story.

5. If you missed it over the Memorial Day holidays, PubliCola has been rolling out our 2011 legislative session awards. We've given out four awards so far—two session MVPs (one in the house and one in the senate) and the Best Committee Chairs (also one in the house and one in the senate.) Stay tuned for more, including Best Legislation.

Speaking of Memorial Day, it threw us a bit off schedule. ThinkTank Tuesday hits tomorrow instead.
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