Parks Users are Losers

By Afternoon Jolt April 21, 2011

Today, we're turning Afternoon Jolt over to Rep. Mike Armstrong (R-12, Wenatchee), one of the outspoken Republicans who voted with  his entire caucus against the $30 annual fee for people who want to use state parks—something that tax dollars are already supposed to fund.

Armstrong, one of the 41 Republicans who voted party line (as opposed to the senate Republicans), says taxpaying park users are today's big losers.

On the floor before the vote, Rep. Armstrong said:

Last time I looked those state parks are owned by us. Those state parks are ours because we've already bought them. And nobody does it for free. We do it. The citizens of Washington State do it. And now we're going to have people paying 30 dollars to drive on land they already own?

Meanwhile, Today's winner is the state parks budget which will get $69 million from the fee, staving off drastic cuts.
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