Afternoon Jolt: There's a Win for McGinn in Today's Devastating Elway Poll

By Afternoon Jolt March 29, 2011

Today's Loser: Electric Car Owners

The senate approved legislation by a 30-16 margin today that would slap a $100 annual fee on electric vehicles. Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen's (D-10, Camano Island) legislation would require the fee to pay for highways.

Haugen and other supporters say the legislation would require electric car owners, who don't pay gas taxes to "pay their fair share" for the roads.

Opponents argue that the fee unfairly penalizes drivers who purchase electric cars, noting that electric cars don't drive much on highways because of their short range; that the state has adopted an official policy of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, half of which come from cars and trucks in Washington State; that most roads are funded by sales and property taxes, not gas taxes; and that the electric car industry is a fledgling industry that will be harmed if the state targets it with special taxes.

The $100 fee would not apply to owners of golf carts.

Today's winner: Mike McGinn

We kid you not.

We pored over the Elway poll—Erica breaks down his lousy numbers here—for any positive data point. And actually, there is a positive note in there. The section of the city that likes McGinn the most and dislikes him the least? Southeast Seattle.

Why is this good news? It shows that McGinn, who biked into office as an environmentalist with talking points about greenhouse gas emissions and broadband, has managed to win over (at least to some extent) the corner of the city whose politics are more FDR than NPR. This is quite a feat for a green from Greenwood.
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