Afternoon Jolt: The Seattle Times Backs a Winner

By Afternoon Jolt November 9, 2010

Today's winner: The Seattle Times

In response to comments by state supreme court justice Richard Sanders to the effect that African-Americans are overrepresented in jail because they have "a crime problem," the Seattle Times withdrew its endorsement of Sanders last month, saying Sanders' "latest remarks fall upon a trash heap of cringe-worthy conduct" and calling him "insensitive, uninformed and way too casual about an important societal issue." While African-Americans make up just four percent of Washington State residents, they account for 20 percent of state prisoners.

Whether the Times' reversal swayed the election in King County---where votes are going 58 to 42 percent in Wiggins' favor---is impossible to say, but saying "we were wrong" was a classy move on the paper's part. And judging from the latest returns, it looks like they picked a winner.
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