Beacon BIKES! Hires Alta Planning + Design

By Josh Cohen September 7, 2010

As we reported in August, Beacon Hill grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group Beacon BIKES! received a $15,000 Department of Neighborhoods matching grant earlier this year. The group planned to use the money to hire a professional transportation planning consultant, part of their goal to build an inter-neighborhood bicycle and pedestrian network connecting Beacon Hill's major destinations.

Beacon Hill Blog reported yesterday that Beacon BIKES! selected Alta Planning + Design from their pool of three potential consulting firms. Beacon BIKES! member Ryan Harrison wrote in an announcement:

Beacon BIKES! believes that pedestrians and cyclists encounter similar obstacles in getting around our neighborhood and that facilities that address both modes make the most sense.  This philosophy is in line with Alta’s belief in “integrating all modes of travel (including walking and bicycling) into the daily lives of residents and creating healthy, safe, and sustainable communities.”  Most importantly, they offer an interactive approach geared to keeping the neighborhood informed and involved throughout the process.

Beacon BIKES! is seeking input on their circulation plan from all Beacon Hill residents. Their next monthly meeting will be held Monday, Sept. 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Beacon Hill library community room.
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