But first you've got to answer a question.

In honor of Bumbershoot's 40th Festival (September 4-6 at Seattle Center) we're going to roll out a question a week, one for each decade that Bumbershoot has been bringing great acts to Seattle. (Dylan, Weezer, and Mary J. Blige are coming this year!)

Each week's winner scores a pair of Standard Tickets (with guaranteed Mainstage access) to each day of the Festival!

Here's your 1970s question: Coming off the exploding '60s, the '70s were a tense time of cultural change when everything was politically loaded. Choose your favorite '70s hit and write a brief essay—200 to 300 words—explaining the secret political message, the subtext, if you will, of the song.

Advice: Choosing something like Ohio, Neil Young's anti-Nixon tirade, isn't gonna score as well as explaining the political significance of the Ohio Players' No. 1 hit,  Love Rollercoaster.

Send essays to [email protected]—be sure to put "Bumbershoot contest" in the subject line.

Full Bumbershoot schedule here.  Full Festival details here.
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