Earlier this week, we busted U.S. Sen. Patty Murray for insinuating in her new TV spot that her opponent Dino Rossi, who had just held a fundraiser with a Wall Street hedge fund manager, was implicated (by being a Republican) in the unpopular Wall Street bailout, when, in fact, Murray herself  voted for the bailout. Twice.

We've also pointed out that Murray, herself, is a recipient of Wall Street campaign contributions.

In fact, according to OpenSecrets.org, the ultimate campaign finance resource, Murray has taken half a million dollars from the securities and investment industry throughout her career, including $30,000 from poster child bad guys Goldman Sachs.

Today, the state GOP hit with a funny Facebook spoof about Murray, including this keeper:

"Patty Murray is now in a relationship with Wall Street and 'it's complicated.'"

To be fair: Wall Street interests do not show up among Murray's top contributors this election cycle. Perhaps that's because she supported the finance reform bill. Wells Fargo's president John Rindlaub has maxed out to Rossi, giving $4,800.

And they've both gotten max contributions from the top execs at what may be one of least-regulated finance firms of all—the payday lending organization Money Tree.
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