Afternoon Gotcha: Patty Murray's Bailout Blunder

By Josh Feit August 3, 2010

US Sen. Patty Murray released an attack ad against Dino Rossi yesterday criticizing him for coming out against the Wall Street reform bill after holding a series of fundraisers with anti-reform bigwigs, including one with Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Singer, at which Rossi raised $130,000.


There's a curious thing about the ad, though. It features a grim male voice saying "Bailouts" over an image of George Bush, an AIG logo, and a CBS News headline that says "Hard times, But Big Wall Street Bonuses."

The problem is this: Murray voted for the Wall Street bailout herself. Twice.  She voted to approve the $700 billion in October 2008 and then she voted against a measure in January 2009 to block the release of the second $350 billion installment.

The Murray camp's response? Referring to the financial reform bill that passed Congress last month, Murray campaign spokeswoman Julie Edwards says, "Patty Murray voted for a bill to end bailouts once and for all.  Dino Rossi wants to repeal that bill."
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