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By Erica C. Barnett July 15, 2010

1. Your daily Morning Fizz, featuring tunnel cost overruns, McGinn vs. Conlin, and McGinn's nightlife initiative.
2. GOP Senate candidate Rossi: Fine with deficit spending on the war, not fine with deficit spending on unemployment benefits.
3. Council moves toward getting rid of surveillance cameras in Cal Anderson Park.
4. Josh thinks his editorial on the tunnel (he argues that city council members should come out in favor of the tunnel, but against cost overruns) is brilliant, so he runs it again.
5. A new Downtown Seattle Association report says Seattle has fewer cops per capita now than it did ten years ago.
6. Can the city council thwart a referendum on the tunnel over Mayor McGinn's objection? That depends on whom you ask.
7. Contradicting McGinn's statement yesterday, the state liquor board says it has never met with McGinn or his staff about his nightlife proposal.
8. BikeNerd asks: Should Seattle ban turning right at red lights?
9. Lots of Afternoon Fizz: high-earners' income tax makes it onto the ballot; Gregoire supports current pharmacy board rules requiring pharmacies to provide emergency contraception; and Tea Party insurgent Clint Didier releases his fundraising numbers.
10. Sen. Patty Murray, GOP candidate Dino Rossi, and Sen. Maria Cantwell all have their own competing interpretations of the big finance reform bill that passed today.
11. McGinn says the state should protect the city from cost overruns on the tunnel; state legislators say the tunnel issue isn't even on their radar.
12.Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
13. A consultant hired by Mayor McGinn says the risks associated with the tunnel range from "above average" to "high."
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