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By Erica C. Barnett June 3, 2010

Loaded day at the Cola. Take a sip:

1. Your daily Morning Fizz: Corporate lobbyists host Democratic fundraiser.
2. Last Night: Dan Bertolet hits up a taco truck at a troubled corner.
3. Last Night: Camden hits up a slapstick Spanish comedy at the Egyptian.
4. Republished from Yesterday: Camden's scoop on Costco writing a huge check to liquor privatization initiative.
5. More on Dino Rossi and earmarks.
6. City Council kicks mayor's butt on biking to work.
7. Last night: Josh digs the vegan restaurant above the porn store.
8. Rossi leaps ahead of GOP rivals in just his first week of fundraising.
9. Liquor-privatization campaign files challenge against rival liquor-privatization campaign.
10. BIAW files lawsuit to block state's new energy standards.
11. Seattle's first separated bike lane planned on Dexter.
12. Your daily PubliCalendar, featuring a discussion of surface parking at light-rail stations.
13. Republican Don Benton drops out of US Senate race, endorses Rossi.
14. Last Night: I watch, mostly like, an anti-nuke documentary at SIFF.
15. Third Congressional District Republican candidate David Castillo far outspends his party rival Jaime Herrera.
16. On other blogs today.
17. Former McGinn aide Chris Bushnell refuses to pay full city ethics fine.

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