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By Erica C. Barnett June 1, 2010

1. Your daily Morning Fizz: New poll shows Tea Partiers are—surprise!—socially conservative.
2. Josh talks state and local politics on KOMO Radio.
3. Rasmussen poll puts Murray and Rossi in dead heat for US Senate.
4. Registration for cyclocross world championships starts today.
5. Today's PubliCalendar featuring Wednesday's vigil for George Tiller at Cal Anderson Park.
6. Craig Pridemore pulls out of the race for Brian Baird's congressional seat.
7. Only two of three deep-bore tunnel bidders asked for extra time to complete construction.
8. Gov. Gregoire submits Race to the Top application to federal government.
9. Midyear city budget cuts likely won't be as devastating as expected.
10. On other blogs today.
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