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By Morning Fizz June 9, 2010

1. Ever since early March, when local Democratic operative Kelly Steele went off to work for U.S. Sen. Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) re-election campaign, we've been warning the GOP to watch out.

This morning, after "vaporizing" Reid's main rival Sue Lowden, Steele is the cover boy on national Democratic politics blog Talking Points Memo.

2. Walking through downtown yesterday, we came across a paid signature gatherer hawking a smorgasbord of contradictory initiatives: Tax the rich (1098), make it harder for the legislature to tax anyone (1053), dismantle workers' comp (1082), privatize booze (1100) and legalize pot (1068).

Um, yay paid signature gathering?

3. Yesterday, we wrote about U.S. Sen. Patty Murray's efforts to raise the liability cap on economic damages for companies responsible for oil spills and about her new effort to eliminate the cap altogether. We also called Rossi's camp to see if he supported either idea.

Rossi's campaign got back to us this morning to say he supports raising the cap, and they pointed us to this Rossi quote  in the PI where he directly addressed the proposal last week:
"Human behavior changes when you have responsibility, particularly financial responsibility," he said.

As for eliminating a cap altogether (which Sen. Maria Cantwell's office actually pointed out could potentially help companies like BP), Rossi's spokeswoman said she needed to take a closer look at the proposal. We'll report back when they give us their take on it.

4. While we had Rossi's folks on the phone, we asked—as we've done with Sens. Murray and Cantwell in vain—if he had anything to say about the Israel vs. Gaza flotilla incident. They're getting back to us on that one too. Last week, they told us this when we originally asked about it: "I know he is a strong supporter of Israel."

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