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By Erica C. Barnett May 18, 2010

1. Your daily Morning Fizz, featuring more Arizona boycott backlash.
2. Josh talks local news and politics on KOMO radio.
3. Gregoire getting local school districts' sign-off on $250 million Race to the Top funding plan.
4. LawNerd says the proposed high-earners income tax may not stand up to a court challenge.
5. Community activists want cops in beating case fired; mayor and police chief say it's not that simple.
6. McGinn doesn't like being called hot-headed. Fair enough: He's irascible.
7. Your daily PubliCalendar: The future of Seattle Center.
8. HugeassCity on why we should actually fund, not just talk about, "Walk Bike Ride."
9. Last Night: Pupusas on Broadway!
10. Dino Rossi headlines at a conference teaching real estate investors how to profit off foreclosures
11. McGinn schools council president Richard Conlin—then challenges him to a debate.
12. King County Metro loses $62,000 a week to fare evasion.
13. McGinn touts new mental-health liaison to police, but takes no position on tax increase that could fund mental-health programs.
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