1. Your daily Morning Fizz, including a pretty embarrassing snafu at Congressman Jay Inslee's office.
2. Yesterday's hot topic: McGinn's Walk Bike Ride plan, though mostly unfunded, would narrow Nickerson St. for bikes.
3. King County Council chair supports council member Larry Phillips' proposal to audit the sheriff's department.
4. Responding to rumors, Gov. Gregoire says she isn't interested in US Solicitor General role.
5. Walk Bike Ride: What Seattle can learn from Vancouver.
6. Sen. Maria Cantwell dresses down top BP executive.
7. Text messages are public records. But elected officials don't bother to save them.
8. HugeassCity wants to know who the hell you are.
9. Columbia City Farmers Market opens and more in PubliCalendar.
10. Another fat feature on a legislative hopeful, this one about the 34th District's Mike Heavey.
11. BikeNerd on free pizza and cheap beer for cyclists at Via Tribunali.
12. Bummer fizz: Futurewise's badass co-director is stepping down.
13. State labor council releases its 2010 legislative scorecard.
14. Mandatory housing inspection proposal moves forward.
15. Sound Transit breaks ground ... on 219 new parking spaces in Puyallup.
16. Beverage industry aims to repeal state soda tax.
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