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By Erica C. Barnett May 11, 2010

1. An ultra-expanded version of your daily Morning Fizz.
2. Last night: Josh wants people to stop talking about how hip Paris is.
3. On KOMO today, Josh talked about our Phillips scoop (item 5), Dino Rossi's search for a campaign manager, and how Mike McGinn was 100 percent responsible for foiling a plan to fund the South Park Bridge.
4. HugeassCity feels sorry for Ballard.
5. Yesterday's scoop: King County Council member Larry Phillips to call for an audit of the sheriff's department.
6. Yesterday's Morning Fizz has 70-plus comments. Still, it's no McGinn tunnel veto.
7. Tim Eyman loans his initiative campaign $50,000.
8. Washington State voters support Tea Party, Democrats. Republicans, not so much.
9. Today's PubliCalendar: History trivia, historic sites, and housing inspections.
10. Some examples of substandard housing, which the city council wants to regulate.
11. Underdog Democrat Craig Pridemore says polling puts him ahead of party rival Heck.
12. King County Council member Larry Phillips predicts the council will pass a sales tax for public safety and health to voters.
13. Mayor McGinn's mostly unfunded "Walk Bike Ride" plan would narrow Nickerson Street for cyclists.
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