1. Your daily Morning Fizz—with a bitchy little item that's racking up the comments.
2. Welcome to our new ad director, Wes Walton.
3. HugeassCity loves/hates/loves Broadway's Joule.
4. City ethics director proposes an independent oversight role for the agency.
5. Conservatives back David Castillo over Jaime Herrera in the state's 3rd Congressional District.
6. Last night—OK, yesterday afternoon—in Ballard.
7. Tim Eyman's main backer hasn't signed a check for his latest round of initiatives.
8. Dino Rossi: Seeking campaign manager?
9. PubliCalendar: Zero waste, forest restoration, and an open ethics seat.
10. Tenant advocates oppose city crackdown on bad landlords.
11. Joe Fitzgibbon gets Boeing, grocery worker endorsements in race for 34th District state House seat.
12. King County Council member Larry Phillips to call for audit of county sheriff's department.
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