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By Camden Swita May 26, 2010

1. Jim Camden at the Spokesman Review's Spin Control checked in on how Rossi's announcement affected the field of GOP candidates for Sen. Murray's U.S. Senate seat. It turns out it didn't change much—with the exception of Ed Torres, a general superintendent for a plumbing firm, who said he was getting out and supporting Rossi.

One Candidate, Sean Salizar, a Seattle chiropractor, who had previously said he'd get out if Rossi got in, decided to stay today because Rossi took too long deciding to run.

2. Chris Grygiel—the Hearst Corps' one-man newsroom at the PI's Strange Bedfellows blog—pointed out the hypocrisy of several King County Council members. The council members want to cut pay raises to sheriffs and cops that they approved in 2008. In fact, Councilman Reagan Dunn blamed the pay raises on former King County Executive Ron Sims, who he claimed was a soft negotiator.

3. Over at the Stranger's Slog blog, Eli Sanders registered for last night's Homeowners Conference where, in a controversial move that generated bad press last week, Dino Rossi was scheduled to speak about how to make money in today's real estate market—a market populated by foreclosed properties.

Sanders didn't strike gold, as Rossi didn't get too specific on how to take advantage of citizens who have lost their homes to foreclosure, but we're glad a local reporter stayed on  the story.

4. In yesterday's On Other Blogs Today, I wrote about the Spokesman Reveiw's Spin Control blog report on a new website created by U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5), America Speaking Out. The site's supposed to be a venue for people to speak their minds on U.S. culture and politics—and promote or demote other people's ideas, which sounds nice and innocent at first.

Today, however, CNN's Political Ticker has news that America Speaking Out has come under fire from the press because it's paid for by taxpayer dollars but seems to be the beginning of a Republican campaign ramp up, similar to the "Contract With America" effort that won the Repubs Congress in '94.

The website also came under fire from perhaps a more sinister, although funnier front: Readers of Wonkette, the liberal, satirical D.C. blog devoted to national politics, flooded the site offering ideas such as "Build a castle-style wall along the border, there is plenty of stone laying around about there" and "I say, repeal all the amendments to the Constitution."
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