As the political season heats up, we’re going to be pointing you toward noteworthy posts, scoops, and original reporting—as well as stuff that needs to be fact checked—at some of the other dedicated political blogs around the state.

1. In anticipation of Dino Rossi's campaign annoucnement (tomorrow morning at 7am on video at, The Seattle Times politics blog, Politics Northwest, posted a video of Rossi's most recent speech—Rossi at the Mainstream Republicans dinner last weekend.

We'd rather know what he says this evening at the real estate industry conference he's speaking at in Bellevue.

2.'s Strange Bedfellows reported that Costco supports a statewide initiative to privatize liquor sales.

3. The Spokesman Review's Spin Control has news that U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5) and the U.S. House GOP have given (Tea Partiers most likely) a new place to rant: America Speaking Out.

Anyone can jump on the site and offer ideas or criticism about American political and social issues, and other users can promote or demote those ideas.

4. Politics Northwest continues to milk the question of whether or not Gov. Chirs Gregoire will leave her post for a job in the Obama administration (the Solicitor General spot being vacated by Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan).

Headlining his post "Gregoire Won't Rule Out Leaving Office for D.C. Job," Seattle Times reporter Andrew Garber has the titilating quote of the day: "If the president of the United States looks at you and says 'the country needs you to serve, I'm asking.' I don't know what I'd do."
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