's Chris Grygiel has the news on two new initiatives filed by the Washington Beverage Association (WBA) that would repeal the temporary taxes levied on food and beverages this last legislative session.

The WBA is not the first to file against these taxes. Tim Eyman also has initiatives in the hopper that would repeal the same taxes, but the soda lobby would be able to rally support for its cause without the stigma of anything Eyman-related.

And the soda industry, committed to stopping any precedent setting tax increase for state budgets nationwide, is committed to killing the tax. And—as we noted before—they have a lot more money to spend than Eyman—who has resorted to loaning his campaign his own money.

Gregoire originally proposed a tax on soda in February, but it never went anywhere until the special session when it was incorporated as part of the Legislature's $757 million in new revenue to deal with the $2.8 billion budget shortfall.
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