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Cola Q&A: The 2010 State Budget. Left Wing Version.

By Camden Swita April 15, 2010

PubliCola sat down with Remy Trupin, Director of local lefty think tank Washington State Budget and Policy Center, to talk about the state budget—which includes $757 million in taxes and $840 million in cuts to cope with a $2.8 billion shortfall. Video below. (Tomorrow, we'll post an interview with local  conservative think tank, The Washington Policy Center.)


Trupin stressed the need for greater scrutiny of tax exemptions, especially those for big business, and he expressed disappointment, albeit hedged, in the legislature's decision not to end an first-time mortgage exemption for banks or raise the hazardous substance tax to pay for water cleanup.

A note: At one point Trupin mentions that the size of our state government as measured by comparison to personal income in Washington has actually shrunk. He's referring to this report by his organization that puts the histrionic concern that state government spending is growing out of control in context.
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