Morning Fizz

"Hi Mom!"

Tuesday Fizz: A report from last night's public hearing on the city's South Downtown and ID development proposal; a report (and SPD greeting) from 3rd & Union; and a report from light rail, cruising through the snow.

11/22/2010 By Morning Fizz

Morning Fizz

The Red Wave May Not End Up Taking Out Patty Murray, but...

Post Election Fizz: PubliCola Video of Sen. Murray at the Westin. And, in fact, the GOP does have a chance to take the senate—the Washington State senate.

11/03/2010 By Morning Fizz

That Washington

Obama and Murray: "Skinny," "Small," and Blaming Republicans

The POTUS comes to Seattle to bring a little enthusiasm to the Patty Murray for Senate campaign. Updated with video.

10/21/2010 By Chris Kissel

This Washington

2010's Defining State House Race

It's our own Reid vs. Angle. No, Rep. Ross Hunter isn't the Democratic leader like Sen. Reid. And no, Diane Tebelius isn't a radical kook-a-saurus like Angle. But the warfare over the Democrats' 2010 Olympia budget—Hunter commandeered it and overturned I-

10/14/2010 By Josh Feit


From the John T. Williams Protest: Asking for Dialogue

We're working on a full write-up of yesterday's march for John T. Williams and the demonstration at City Hall. But here's a teaser from the opening rally.

09/17/2010 By Tiffany Vu

City Hall

PubliColaTV: McGinn Addresses Protesters at City Hall

McGinn addresses John T. Williams protest march which descended on city hall late this afternoon. We've got video.

09/16/2010 By Josh Feit


PubliColaTV: Denny Heck on the Issues

PubliCola sits down with Denny Heck to talk about all the big issues: the economy, financial reform, Afghanistan, and...his opponent.

09/14/2010 By Bryce McKay

City Hall

PubliColaTV: Tim Burgess on the Fatal Police Shooting of John T. Williams

Tim Burgess talks about deescalation training, Tasers, the police accountability process, and his role vs. the mayor's.

09/13/2010 By Bryce McKay


PubliColaTV: Congressman Rick Larsen

Congressman Rick Larsen came by PubliCola's office today to sit down for a PubliColaTV interview. We talked to him about: Afghanistan; health care reform; his campaign strategy; and of course, John Koster.

09/03/2010 By Bryce McKay


PubliColaTV: The Progressive Take on the 2010 Ballot Measures

Anne Martens with the Ballot Initiative Network lays out the progressive case on all seven of this year's ballot measures.

08/30/2010 By Bryce McKay


PubliColaTV: Freddie Mac. What Would Sen. Murray Do?

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH COMMENTS FROM THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN SENATORIAL COMMITTEE. Sen. Patty Murray has made a big deal about not allowing future bailouts. This week, we asked her if she had a gameplan about Fannie and Freddie's recent requests

08/18/2010 By Bryce McKay


PubliCola TV: Joe Fitzgibbon

PubliColaTV interviewed Joe Fitzgibbon last night at his Primary Election victory party. (He's neck and neck with Mike Heavey.) Yes, we endorsed Fitzgibbon, but once the vid was rolling we got a tough question in re: cost overruns.

08/18/2010 By Josh Feit

PubliCola Adds Life

Must See PubliColaTV: "They Don't Know Frank Chopp."

If you haven't been tuning in PubliColaTV, it's time to get with the program. Bryce has been posting killer clips. Watch for his Sen. Patty Murray interview later today.

08/12/2010 By Josh Feit

That Washington

PubliColaTV: Sen. Cantwell on Status of Her Cap and Dividend Proposal

PubliCola changed the subject of the press conference today, asking Sen. Cantwell what was up with the climate change bill.

08/10/2010 By Bryce McKay


PubliColaTV: An Interview with State Sen. Rodney Tom

PubliColaTV sits down with Eastside Seattle suburban state Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48) who trash talks his GOP opponent—and House Speaker Frank Chopp.

08/10/2010 By Bryce McKay

City Hall

PubliCola TV: Mike O'Brien Debriefs on Tunnel Vote

City Council member Mike O'Brien sat down with PubliCola today to talk about why his amendments on Monday's deep-bore tunnel resolution lost, what his next steps are on the tunnel, and his relationship with Mayor Mike McGinn.

08/04/2010 By Erica C. Barnett

This Washington

PubliCola TV: Rep. Brendan Williams on I-1082

State Rep. Brendan Williams explains why he thinks Initiative 1082, which would privatize workers' comp insurance, is a bad deal for Washington State residents and businesses.

07/28/2010 By Erica C. Barnett

PubliCola Adds Life

Must See PubliColaTV

Watch our exclusive footage of: Sen. Cantwell; Gov. Gregoire; your state house and senate candidates; state Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders; Cary Moon; Pramila Jayapal and lots more.

07/26/2010 By Josh Feit


PubliColaTV: Cantwell touts Unemployment Insurance Extension at Seattle YWCA

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell held a press conference to brag about her vote to extend unemployment benefits—Morning Fizz couldn't make it, but PubliColaTV was there to ask some hard questions.

07/24/2010 By Bryce McKay