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Mayor McGinn's Rules to Live By

By Erica C. Barnett March 3, 2010

As we reported in today's Morning Fizz, the day before he took office in January, Mayor Mike McGinn and his staff came up with a list of 46 official “norms” for working in the McGinn office. Some are self-explanatory ("Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"; "Don't break any laws"); some seem contradictory ("Be careful what you write—everything is public," followed immediately by "Always remember we are here to serve the public"); and some are just bizarre ("Elevate problems liberally"?)

We've been tweeting them all day; here's the entire list:

1. Clean up after yourself
2. Have Fun
3. Don't break any laws
4. Help each other

5. Listen

6. Always work when volunteers are present

7. Don't pass the buck
8. Start on time & end on time
9. Share information
10. Be careful what you write--everything is public
11. Always remember we are here to serve the public

12. Trust in the seaworthiness of your vessel

13. Everybody works & helps

14. Anticipate others' needs

15. Loose lips sink ships

16. Be clear about from whose perspective you are speaking (on behalf of the Mayor or not)

17. Elevate problems liberally

18. Ask for help

19. Don't be the highest ranking person with a secret

20. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

21. Always try to make your co-workers look good

22. Talk to each other

23. Always thank each other

24. You are an ambassador of the Mayor and the City of Seattle
25. If you are on it, say you are on it

26 If you say you are on it, You're on it

27. Take a pause for clarity

28. Emphasize collaboration and team work

29. Everyone is important
30. Take time to think about how you can help others succeed

31. Be Honest

32. Be cool. Don't overreact & do the right thing.

33. Reduce, reuse, recycle

34. Be aware questions can be construed as orders

35. Communicate openly
36. Resolve conflicts early
37. Pause (briefly) to celebrate successes

38. Earn your taxpayer dollars

39. Small actions have big meanings

40. Have a "do-it-yourself" ethic

41. Do more with less

42. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and honor

43. Treat adversaries with respect & disagree agreeably

44. Challenge ideas, not people

45.Make measurable goals

46 .Honor Diversity
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