Over the weekend, we reported that the state Senate had responded to lobbying from advocates for seniors and low-income people by restoring adult day health care, home care, and some Medicaid programs in their budget proposal.

What got cut to cover the $12 million in programs? Nothing.

In fact, the Senate restored a total of nearly $71 million worth of programs—including $27 million in an unemployment insurance/worker training program (an amendment by Sen. Margarita Prentice, D-11), $11 million in community health clinic funding (Sen. Karen Keiser, D-33), and $650,000 in legal aid (Sen. Adam Kline, D-37).

The amendments brought the ending balance in the budget from $595 million (a cushion in case federal money falls through) down to $523 million.

One big item that social service advocates had been upset about—a $90 million cut the GAU program (General Assistance for the Unemployable)—was not restored.

The Senate budgeted on $583 million from the feds. Buying back $70 million in programs means they'll be $50 million in the red if none of the federal money comes through.
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