Going into the Oscars, almost nobody (including me) has ever seen the short films. And, after the awards ceremony, most people quickly forget them.

Landmark Varsity is giving us a chance to remedy that this weekend, showing both the live-action and the animated 2010 Oscar-nominated shorts.
I'm particularly intrigued by this year's short animation winner, Logorama (Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy, France)—my friends who had seen the nominated shorts program before the Oscars cheered when it won.
Logorama depicts a series of escalating actions and interactions that end in disaster for an imagined version of Los Angeles in which every person, place, and thing is some version of a corporate logo (main characters include the Pringles man and Ronald McDonald).

In his perfectly charming Academy Award acceptance speech, producer Nicolas Schmerkin thanked the 3,000 companies whose logos he used in the film, and said the 16-minute film took six years to make.  "I hope to be back with a feature in about 36 years."

Other shorts in the animation program include A Matter of Loaf and Death (a 30-minute Wallace and Gromit film by UK director Nick Park), French Roast (France, dir. Fabrice O. Joubert), Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty (Ireland, dir. Nicky Phelan), and The Lady and the Reaper (Spain, dir. Javier Recio Gracia).  Shows are at 2:15 and 7:10pm.

The live-action program features The Door (Ireland, dir. Juanita Wilson), Instead of Abracadabra (Sweden, dir. Patrik Eklund), Kavi (US & India, dir. Gregg Helvey), Miracle Fish (Australia, dir. Luke Doolan), and Oscar-winner The New Tenants (US & Denmark, dir. Joachim Back).  Shows at 4:30 and 9:20pm.

Check here for trailers of all films in the program, and go make sure the shorts don't get short-shrifted.
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