[caption id="attachment_33299" align="aligncenter" width="419" caption="Pothole with my size 10.5 sneaker for perspective"][/caption]

A word of caution if you're one of the many cyclists who enjoys riding the Magnolia loop: There is a monster of a pothole in the downhill lane of Washington Ave. that you definitely want to avoid.

I usually ride the loop clockwise, dip into Discovery Park at the top of the hill, and exit the park on Washington Ave., the steep road on the east side of the park. As I was riding down the hill on Saturday, I noticed the wheel-eating pothole–fortunately with enough time to swerve around it. Potholes are extremely common this time of the year and usually not worth mentioning, but Washington is a shady, tree-lined street and this hole could easily send a cyclist flying over their bars if they hit it.

The hole is about 30 yards uphill from the Fort Lawton cemetery driveway. I realize that doesn't help cyclists coming down the hill, but it's the only landmark around. In the picture the puddle obscures the pothole's depth, but it's deep enough to dent a rim.

I've contacted the Seattle Department of Transportation Pothole Rangers (I feel so civic-minded). I'll let you know if they live up to their promise of fixing potholes within 48 hours.

Until then, ride carefully if you find yourself flying down Washington Ave. There's a bastard of a pothole waiting for you.
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