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Jason Mraz Set to Cover Local Artist Luc Reynaud

By Jonathan Cunningham February 27, 2010


It's not everyday that Atlantic records label star Jason Mraz calls and asks for permission to borrow a song. The Grammy-nominated and chart topping singer who often draws comparison to John Mayer should have a bevy of upper echelon music companions to collaborate with.  But for local singer-songwriter Luc Reynaud, that's exactly what happened earlier this year when Mraz emailed him via MySpace. It turned out that Mraz got wind of the catchy tune,  "Freedom Song," that Reynaud released last summer  with his band, Luc and the Lovingtons, and fell in love.

"So a few months back, I donated our tune "Freedom Song" to the organization Harmonic Humanity for a compilation album that homeless people were able to sell in connection with the Real Change newspaper on the streets of Seattle," Reynaud recently said.  "It helped raise something like $9,000 for the homeless and one of the artists somehow got that CD in the hands of Jason Mraz. He heard "Freedom Song" and hit me up on MySpace and said it was one of the most inspiring songs he’d heard in a long time. He asked my permission if he could cover the song, bring in a band and make it a smash hit."

Hopefully, the song goes global and if you've never heard it before, Luc and the Lovingtons will be performing it this evening at Nectar Lounge in Fremont.

They're by no means a big deal locally, although hopefully, one day they will be. Luc and the bulk of his band are originally from the Methow Valley in Central Washington and are still establishing a presence in Seattle.

A big part of the reason that "Freedom Song" is such an infectious, feel-good ditty that brings about the same sensations of Mraz's breakout single, "I'm Yours," is that Reynaud recorded it in Louisiana just weeks after Hurricane Katrina with children who had been displaced by the storm. The acoustic tune feels like a giant exhale in the face of tragedy.

Interestingly enough, this is Luc and the Lovingtons first show in Seattle since they returned from a brief tour of Chile a month ago. As the latest news trickles in across the web that region is now experiencing tragedy as well due to the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck this morning, I can imagine that tonight's show will bear extra meaning for the group. One of the members in Luc and the Lovingtons, Felipe, is also Chilean.

Luc and the Lovingtons, Publish the Quest, and DJ Million, Saturday, Feb 27 at Nectar Lounge. Tickets are $7, doors at 8 p.m.

Mraz's version:

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