Pearl Django play Jazz Alley on Tuesday and Wednesday

Mon, Jan 6
Bon Appétit: The Julia Child Show
This Monday, Julia Child’s culinary tutorials take an operatic twist as Broadway alum Anne Allgood performs Bon Appétit, an operetta in which Child reveals the key to the perfect chocolate cake (while subsequently baking one on stage). An optional dinner inspired by Child’s signature dishes (french onion soup, creamy scallops, delicate ratatouille) is offered before the show. The Rendezvous, $28–$85

Tue, Jan 7
Canadian-born Cole Stevenson, otherwise known as rapper Merkules, spent the early years of his career dropping verses in a Surrey pizza house. Several albums and one Old Town Road remix later (which garnered over 26 million views on YouTube), Merkules commands the rap scene with striking rhyming schemes and clever wordplay. On tour with his latest album Special Occasion, he provides an honest and personal look into the music industry’s notorious hustle culture. Nectar Lounge, $25

Tue, Jan 7
Taco Tour with Traci Calderon
Ever wonder what the Pike Place Market taco scene is like? Chef Traci Calderon has you covered with this tour. Previous landmarks included Mahi Mahi and spicy mango salsa tacos from Mariscos, savory-sweet bites from La Vaca drenched in mole sauces, and even a dessert version from Shug’s Soda Fountain. Atrium Kitchen, $55 

Tue, Jan 7 (thru Jan 8)
Pearl Django
The five-piece ensemble blends complex, rhythmic strings and a spritely accordion in swing-revival fashion. Performing for over 25 years, the group shows no sign of slowing as they perform pieces from their latest CD release, Simplicity. Original classics such as “The Conversation,” in which instruments trade melodies like a conversation, leave you with an infectious desire to dance. Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, $31

Wed, Jan 8 (thru Feb 2)
The Rivals
Whether or not you think romance is dead, there’s no shortage of drama here. In this 18th-century comedy, Captain Jack Absolute poses as a poor army officer to woo the wealthy Lydia Languish, who is determined to marry for true love. Meddling family members on both sides to further complicate the dynamic? Of course. Center Theatre, $32–$58

Thu, Jan 9
Samuel Woolley
Will 2020 be the year that fake news is finished? Samuel Woolley, a journalism professor at the University of Texas with a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, isn’t too optimistic. In his new book, The Reality Game: How the Next Wave of Technology Will Break the Truth, Woolley discusses the harmful implications of disinformation in mass media. Elliott Bay Book Company, Free

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