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Inundated with Hundreds of Identical Emails from Microsoft

By Morning Fizz February 24, 2010

1. As expected, Q13 (the local FOX affiliate) did a piece on Ann Corbitt's affair with British soccer star Ashley Cole last night. The spot, which runs to nearly four minutes (an eternity in TV time) is pretty devastating, including: a description of Corbitt as a "curvy blonde" who nonetheless "isn't the trashy bimbo you might think;" speculation about whether she'll be fired; and on-camera interviews with and local "sex expert" Pepper Schwartz; Seattle Displacement Coalition leader John Fox (?).

2. County executive Dow Constantine was inundated with hundreds of identical emails from Microsoft employees yesterday, imploring him to "use your leadership to make sure the [520 bridge] project remains on track."

The text of the emails was copied and pasted from Microsoft's new "Let's Move" web site, part of a pricey new campaign by the Redmond company to defeat a proposal by Mayor Mike McGinn and House Speaker Frank Chopp (D-43) to revisit the idea of putting light rail or bus-rapid  transit on the bridge.

3. City Council member Tim Burgess plans to announce a crackdown on panhandling near ATMs and parking meters at a meeting of the Downtown Seattle Association this morning. The Seattle Times has the story.

4. We're still waiting for the state House to detail where the $857 million in new revenue is coming from in its new budget (sales tax? sin taxes? eliminating tax loopholes?), but the budget has already won praise from low-income advocates (in comparison to the Senate and governor's budget.)

Liberals are cheering the House for including $100 million for the Housing Trust Fund (a state fund that builds low income housing) and for sparing General Assistance to the Unemployable (GAU), a program that provides money for people whose disabilities prevent them from getting work. The governor's budget and the Senate budget fail on both counts.

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