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By Josh Feit February 11, 2009


1. The $40 billion cut to state aid in the Senate stimulus package translates to about a $668 million cut for Washington state. Yikes. Legislators in Olympia were already facing at least a $5 billion shortfall in the next biennium and at least a $600 million shortfall as we close out this biennium. 

2.  A little birdie tipped off Morning Fizz to this new website:

3. SPD Chief Gil Kerlikowske to be Obama's drug Czar?

4. Longtime Seattle Chamber of Commerce CEO Steve Leahy announced his "own personal" resignation yesterday. Chamber Chair Tayloe Washburn sent out a totally weird, doth-protesty-too-much letter about it. It starts out like this:
Dear Chamber Members: Chamber President and CEO Steve Leahy today announced his resignation in order to pursue other avenues in his career. Steve recently took a sabbatical during which he did some deep thinking and held discussions with his wife and family. For his own personal reasons, he has decided to step down as CEO.

He did some "deep thinking?" He "held discussions?" ... with his wife and family? It's all very Kabbalah.

5.  Despite Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark's righteous move to review Glacier Norhtwest's aquatic lands lease off Maury Island (signed by the State on December 2), he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. 

6.  Back To Normandy at Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave), 7pm:  This 2006 documentary, about the process of casting local villagers in Rene Allio's 1976 film adaptation of Michel Foucault's tome I, Pierre Riviere, Having Slaughtered My Brother, My Sister and My Mother… , is rich with nested narratives and mysteries, real and fictional.  Normandy adopts a decelerated pace that lends grace even to the birthing and slaughtering of pigs.  So says FilmNerd



7. In yesterday's item about Seattle City Council Member Richard McIver, I said McIver was the only black council member. But I forgot all about Bruce Harrell, who is mixed race—Japanese and African American. I'm not sure that's why I forgot about him, though. 
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