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By Josh Feit February 6, 2009


1. Has everybody been reading Seattle Times reporter Danny Westneat's columns on the guy who made a $14,000 down payment to Vulcan for a South Lake Union condo after being approved for a loan by Vulcan's preferred lender, Countrywide—only to have Countrywide cancel the loan after the condo was built? Now, Vulcan won't give him any of his down payment back. What makes Westneat's columns even more compelling is this: Star reporter Westneat has had to interview former star Seattle Times reporter David Postman, who's now Vulcan's media relations guy. So many levels.

2. The Municipal League named its 2009 Civic Awards Winners yesterday, and there are some  solid citizens on the list: Force 10 Hoops, LLC (which owns the Storm) won Business of the Year; Joni Earl and Mayor Greg Nickels shared the regional leadership award for pushing a light rail vote in 2008 after the big 2007 defeat; and Brice Maryman, a cool landscape architect I know, got the standout citizen who's under 35 award for his work on the Parks Levy, and I hope for his green work at SvR Design.

Weird thing about this year's list of winners, though: There's no journalist on the list. The aforementioned David Postman scored the civic journalism award last year, and my awesome former colleague at the Stranger, Erica C. Barnett, won it the previous year. 

3. Excellent new restaurant in town, Tilikum Place Cafe.

4. PubliCola held its first editorial meeting last night, but we had to move it from the 74th Street Ale House to Sandeep's basement after one of our staffers got carded.
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