Switch to Aluminum Wheel Rims

By Chris Kissel January 28, 2010

On tomorrow's calendar:

1. Commute Seattle, a joint project of the Downtown Seattle Association, King County, and the City of Seattle, is hosting a "Winter Biking Seminar" tomorrow. It's a brown-bag information session run by the Washington Bicycle Alliance's certified instructors all about winter biking (because when it's raining and you're bombing down Madison on your way to work and your brakes suddenly fail, you'll wish someone had been there to tell you to switch to aluminum wheel rims).

The seminar also comes with a free bike light and Seattle bike maps.

Tomorrow, from noon to 1 pm, at GGLO Space at the Steps (1301 First Ave, Level A).

2. Oral histories are awesome. The New York Times' "One in Eight Million" series, for example, had me procrastinating like I didn't have anything in the world to do except sit in front of my laptop and listen to people talk about urban hiking, or Mormonism, or eating tongue sandwiches in Harlem.

Oral histories are entertainment at it's barest bones, the essence of why people watch TV or go to parties (but without all the noise)—to listen to people talk about themselves and to judge them, or compare your stories with theirs, and hearing the patterns emerge.

This was partly John Bowe's motive in writing Us: Americans Talk About Love, which he's reading from tomorrow evening at a tea shop in Ballard.

Spurred by his own history of failed relationships, Bowe—The New Yorker, NYT Magazine, NPR's This American Life recorded people's stories of happiness, abuse, and jealousy, ie, love.

A sampling of Bowe's stories, in their full procrastination-inducing glory, is available to read on Salon.

Tomorrow night at 7 pm, at Miro Tea in Ballard (5405 Ballard Ave NW). Free.

3. Now that PubliCola has turned you onto THEESatisfaction, you might as well follow this thing through.

You should go to the High Dive tomorrow to see Champagne Champagne (rappers whose new collab with THEESatis, which includes their best song, "Magnetic Blackness," is forthcoming) and super-energetic old-school duo They Live! (or, as they're called starting tomorrow, "Mash Hall"—apparently the old name was taken).

Wild Orchid Children, who have a reputation for rocking really hard, and also for wearing jean shorts and kicking their legs in the air, are also playing.

With Mad Rad's Terry Radjaw. Tomorrow night at 9 pm the High Dive (513 North 36th Street). $8 cover, 21+.
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