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States Rights

By Josh Feit January 18, 2010

The state GOP has latched on to states rights as its cause in Olympia this session.

Republican Minority Whip, Ellensburg-area Rep. Bill Hinkle (R-13) introduced a states rights bill last week to stop federal health care reform, and today, in the name of states right,  Diablo-area State Sen. Val Stevens (R-39) introduced legislation that would call for a U.S. constitutional amendment to change the 17th Amendment to the constitution (passed in 1913) which made U.S. senators elected by the people rather than by state legislatures.

Stevens likes the old way better (it was in Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution before the 17th Amendment changed it), where state legislatures elected U.S. Senators. In Washington state, Republicans would have more power in that set up.

Thanks for the tip, Washington Policy Center.
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