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By Josh Feit January 26, 2010

We weren't able to make it to Mayor Mike McGinn's sit down with the local press corps today.  (We got the invite, but things have been crazed on the business side this week, and we lost track of the day.)

Luckily, the PI's Chris Grygiel was there and filed a report.

This seems to be the takeaway:
The mayor said it was unfair to ask the city to pay for cost overruns on a state transportation project the city has no direct control over. "That's the crux of the problem," he said.

With major construction slated to begin next year, McGinn was asked what he considered "the point of no return."

"I don't know how long the time line will be. Other people have raised some litigation, I don't know what that does to the timeline. That is a really good question..I can't give you a definitive right now what I think that point is."

Asked if the state enters into a construction contract whether that would be the no return point, McGinn said yes. "Clearly if the state enters into a construction contract that would seem to be past that point, yeah. It may occur before that point, though."
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