Via the West Seattle Blog, which had the scoop: Mayor Mike McGinn says he'll support putting a measure on the November ballot to annex the remaining unincorporated part of White Center into Seattle. The proposal, which has to be approved by the City Council, would put a measure before White Center voters to become part of Seattle. The proposed annexation area would, pointedly, exclude the deteriorating South Park Bridge, which neither King County nor the city wants to pay for.

City Council president Richard Conlin says he expects the council to support putting an annexation measure on the ballot. He says annexing White Center will give Seattle "the ability to unify the law enforcement and other [services] in the White Center community"—a high-crime area just outside Seattle city limits. "Right now, you've got this boundary line where King County police are divided, economic development is divided, human services are divided. There's a lot of stuff that doesn't really work because of the boundary line and folks south of that line are not getting the services they need.

King County wants Seattle to annex unincorporated White Center because the county's ongoing structural budget crisis has made it more and more difficult to provide services to that (increasingly urban) area. If the city doesn't annex the area, it will remain in King County, awaiting a potential annexation by Burien in a few years.

McGinn's spokesman Aaron Pickus has not yet returned a call for comment.
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