From left to right, Lionel Richie, Julie McElrath, Peter Ungaro, Lori Matsukawa, and Tim Harris.

Image: Jane Sherman

Lionel Richie

Hello? Is it the smooth-toned crooner you're looking for? You can find the hit-making singer-songwriter when he plays Marymoor Park on August 20.

Julie McElrath

Fred Hutch’s Vaccine and Infectious Disease director will oversee an early-phase clinical trial of a new HIV vaccine candidate—test results we actually want.

Peter Ungaro

Under this CEO, Seattle-based Cray will build the world’s fastest supercomputer for the Department of Energy. But can it talk like it’s in a sci-fi movie?

Lori Matsukawa

This award-winning KING 5 anchor and journalist retired in June after 36 years reporting local stories. We, too, wish we could quit the news sometimes.

Tim Harris

Real Change’s founding director celebrates the streetside newspaper’s 25-year anniversary in August. No spare dollars? Vendors now take digital payment.