If it feels like 2009 was a somewhat quiet year for the Blue Scholars camp, that's because it was. Of course, they did sell out Neumos three nights in a row last March (which is no small feat in a recession) and dropped an incredibly undervalued free EP of Hawai'i inspired hip-hop in August, but beyond that, they seemed focused on other things.

Sabzi has already broken out of Seattle and is temporarily posted up in New York hanging out with the Das Racists kids and enjoying life. Meanwhile Geo is always blogging up a storm on film culture and trying to get his documentary film career off the ground too. As artists, they deserve real time away from the limelight to pursue other interests, and hopefully they'll be dropping some fresh music in 2010.

Almost as if Geo recognized that his voice was missed in the realm of Seattle music last year,

he took the time to recently post some songs from other people's albums where dropped guest vocals throughout the year. You see, it's not that he wasn't making music, he was just connecting with other producers and rappers—some local, some national—and the songs he put on his blog are real solid.

Of the seven songs he posted, my favorite might be "Oh Really," which also features KRS-One, Buckshot, and Talib Kweli. Unfortunately, he kind of gets outshined on that track, but those are three legendary rappers—so coming in fourth place was kind of inevitable. Honestly, I like Geo's verse better than Kweli's. And it's a good look for him regardless.

Hit up Geo's Prometheus Brown blog to check out all the b-sides he's posted. While you're over there, also be sure to check out his thoughts on the new David Byrne and Fatboy Slim tribute album to Filipino dictator Imelda Marcos. He's definitely not feeling the concept and is vocal about his disgust.
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