City Hall

Extra Fizz: Planned McGinn Firings Spark Large Turnout at City Hall

By Erica C. Barnett January 20, 2010

Mayor Mike McGinn's executive order announcing plans to fire nearly 200 city employees has been sparking a bit of a panic at city hall, with strategic advisors and managerial staff, in particular, worried that their heads are on the block.

This morning, about 50 city employees showed up at a meeting of the city's Civil Service Commission, which oversees the city's personnel decisions and hears complaints about employment policies and hiring, among other things. The group had hoped to give public testimony about their concerns and ask questions about the process for selecting which 200 employees will lose their jobs.

Because this morning's agenda didn't include anything related to the mayor's executive order, the folks who attended weren't able to testify about their concerns. Instead, the civil service commission will hold a separate meeting about the proposed cuts, probably on February 3, according to the commission office. The commission won't take any action at that meeting, but they will take questions and let city employees testify and vent about their concerns.
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