Is America Afraid of Black Female Sexuality?

By ObamaNerd August 21, 2009

[caption id="attachment_12344" align="alignright" width="358" caption="Who wears short shorts? Your first lady wears short shorts."]Who wears short shorts?  Your first lady wears short shorts.[/caption]

Lil' Kim and I just got off the phone and we had a very long discussion about Michelle Obama.  What is Michelle's problem?  Is she trying to make every Puritan head explode in America?  First she exposes her arms and sparks a national hysteria for sleeveless dresses.  Then she touches Queen Elizabeth.  On her back.  With her arm.  Which might as well have been her mouth and the Queen's naughty bits as far as the protocol police were concerned. They all went berserk.

Now this.

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon for a family vacation, Michelle donned some shorts.  And I am not talking culottes.  I mean motherfucking mid-thigh shorts.  This marks the first time apparently any first lady ever has dared to throw chastity to the wind and bear a little leg.  And it's causing a stir.  Some are even calling it a disrespect of the Office of the POTUS. Holy fuck. People really have too much time on their hands.

Or is the stir something else?  Is America uncomfortable with black female sexuality? Although a much smaller furor, this reminds me of the Janet Jackson/wardrobe malfunction of so many moons ago.  Big deal.  Janet showed a weirdly veiny breast on TV.  The nipple was covered (but with a star piercing that made my ass clench).  Absurd uproar ensued.  I can tell you, I see and hear much more profane shit on CSI.  Or MTV, which I can assure you kids are watching in greater numbers than the SuperBowl.

Anyway, back to Michelle.  Ever since the election dust settled, folks have been bursting to conclude what she would mean to our American concepts of femininity, standards of beauty, modern woman-/motherhood, sexuality, and invariably black female sexuality.  One of the first articles post election Salon did was a nice little number called "First Lady Got Back."   Some argued articles like this were affirming sexist views of black women and their bodies, others call it empowering. I have no right to argue either point. I will leave that in SoulNerd's far more capable and far more intelligent hands.

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