Malia Obama: Dangerous, Radical, Liberal in Training

By ObamaNerd July 10, 2009

[caption id="attachment_8903" align="alignright" width="328" caption="Liberal hippie, Mailia Obama, dons this hot little number from this fall's anti-war collection."]Liberal hippie, Mailia Obama, dons this hot little number from this fall's anti-war collection. [/caption]

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One perverse side effect of having Democrats in charge of everything is the delight I get in watching Republicans seek out scandal in every little thing a Democratic President does.  Whether it's taking his wife out on a date (how dare he!) or the clothes his children wear.  Yes.  Clothing.  Of his children.

Behold the newest 'Obama scandal' :  Malia the radical anti-nuclear weapons, pro-peace liberal monster.  While in Rome with her mom, Malia took to wearing not one (gay gasp!), but TWO (super gay gasp!!) T-shirts emblazoned with the peace symbol.  Because Obama just convened talks and reached agreement with Russia about nuclear disarmament, this has caused a stir...with about 5 people with serious idle time issues and potential mental health concerns.

Radical right-wing nuts are calling Malia the "Adolescent National Security Advisor."  Others accuse Michelle and Barack of  "using her body as a canvas to express THEIR political will."  Jesus Christ.  It's a goddamn peace shirt.  I wore one in the '80s with a little rainbow tie-dye and some pegged Z Cavaricci Jeans.  And a mullet.  While carrying a Trapper Keeper with magazine cutouts of Johnny Depp and Michael J Fox.  That was far more troubling to our national security, don't you agree?

I don't know if many of you have 11-year-old girls these days. I have at least four in various states (Daddy loves you Pumpkins!), but it's pretty hard to tell them what to wear.  It starts around age 7 and goes right thru their 20s.  So nice try...
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