Live-ish Blogging: Soto Hearings, Part 1

By ObamaNerd July 13, 2009

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So me and a bunch of supermodels just woke up off the floor of my penthouse condo to turn on the TV to watch the Sotomayor confirmation hearings.  We're having a "Confirmation Hearing Party" here this morning. Woot!  Party time!  Every time someone says "Activist Judge" or "Wise Latina," we drink from our beer bong.  We're already pretty smashed.

Opening statements=yawn. Judiciary Chair Leahy is first .  Blah, blah, Yale.  Blah blah, nominated by Bush 1, blah, blah, confirmed with bipartisan majority.  Blah, Blah.  We've seen these comments play out for weeks.  There's nothing new here.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is next.  He basically called her an activist judge (bottoms up!), then went further to say equate empathy (the term Obama used to describe Sotomayor) with politics in the courtroom.

Then Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT). Predictable slam on Obama's record of HIS vote on judges brought forth by Republicans.  Then Feinstein, who also gave predictable blow job praise.  Some brief fireworks when an anti-choice activist interrupts Feinstein and screams "What about the unborn, Senator?"  He was quickly tazed and escorted out. Then Feinstein didn't skip a beat and went on to talk about abortions rights and how Roe v Wade has been chipped away despite "certain" nominees claiming during confirmation hearings that they had respect for precedent.  Her hot cougar rating just went through the roof.  Meow!

A few more Committee member remarks then off to a break for lunch.  One final point on the opening remarks:  Sen Kyl (R-Arizona) just slammed her and her impartiality and her "wise latina" comment.  Um, hey dipshit, you herald from a state with a nearly 30% Latino population. You might want to pull back on the Fox News talking points.

It's spin time now with the media.  Senator Sessions just got done re-stating that Obama was the LEAST deferral Senator when considering President Bush's Supreme Court nominees.  Hmm. Talking points?  OK we get it:  Sessions is a no vote.  FYI, he used the word "emotional" about 50 times in his spin. Hmm. Trying to paint a stereotypical picture, Sessions?

Confirmation fun fact:  This is the 12th confirmation hearing for Hatch.

We'll be back to the hearings after lunchtime. Right around 2 pm EST.
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